Cellophane has been used for many decades to package food, wrap boxes and is also used around flowers and gift packs/baskets. It is derived from cellulose found in wood and is actually called paper, hence the term cellophane paper.

Excelpac can supply you with cellophane sheets and rolls in plain and heat-sealable forms. We can also source different coloured films

Contact us for your specific application and we can help you with the most economical solution.

Cut to size so there is no waste.
Fast turn around
Accurate cutting to within 1mm (1/25 in.)
Cellophane is biodegradable so is good for the environment.



Some customers prefer to use polypropylene. It is essentially used in exactly the same way as cellophane. This remarkably similar material has other qualities that cellophane lacks.

Longer lasting
Superior barrier properties to moisture and air
Superior heat sealing qualities

We can supply you with small or large quantities of sheets and rolls cut to size.



Many customers use polyethylene (A.K.A. Polythene) as an interleave sheet between rolls of tapes and foams which need to be separated at a later date.

Highly aggressive adhesive can bleed out of the side of stacked rolls and effectively bond these rolls together. High slip polyethylene sheets are used in between each roll to make separating a breeze.

We also supply these sheets in disc form (with or without a centre hole) for improved presentation.

Semi rigid PVC

Semi rigid PVC is a clear plastic which is used mainly in packaging as business shirt boxes and as windows in cardboard boxes etc.

Can be creased and folded
Very durable
Crystal clear
Can be diecut to any manner of shapes and inserts.

We can provide sheets, rolls and shapes in a range of gauges.


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