• Sheeting Services
  • Excelpac is one of the few companies in Australia that can turn roll stock into sheets. We have a paper/card sheeter which can cut plain and printed webs. We also have a barrel/drum sheeter for the larger sizes.


Paper/Card Sheeter

Our paper/card sheeter can take up to two webs simultaneously for plain or continuous print jobs. It cuts to size and automatically collates the sheets into a stack. We also have incorporated an optical device to track printed webs so as to cut the sheets in register with a printed design.


The sheeter can:

cut a wide range of flexible webs -
i.e. polypropylene, aluminium foil, cellophane, light card, PVC etc.
accept web widths of 915mm (3ft)
sheet to 790mm long (2ft7in)
sheet in register

Combined with our guillotine service we can cut sheets as small as 25mm (1 in) square



Drum/Barrel Sheeter

For larger sheet sizes we can drum sheet your material. The largest sheet size possible is 1300mm (W) x 1360mm (L)

Each and every job is different therefore if you feel that one or more of our services is what you require then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

We can usually quote over the phone or provide you with a written quote via fax or email within minutes of receiving your request.

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